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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Benefits of Herbal Sleep Supplements vs Chemical OTCs -Sleeping Pills

For some it may seem difficult to see the differences between using herbal sleep supplements versus chemically refined over the counter/prescription sleeping pills.  Sleeping pills seem to be most effective when used for a short period of time, such as recovering from a medical procedure.  People who suffer from insomnia also use various sleep aids. These should also be used briefly to start off with for treatment of insomnia, especially if sleep deprivation is severe.  This option is a very short term one and never solves the problem.  In many cases it can add to.  It’s of significance to note that sleeping pills may have irreversible side effects after prolonged use.

Sleeping pills used over a long period of time should only be used on an "as needed" basis.  Many people will lean toward over-the-counter sleep aids vs prescriptions believing over-the-counter aids are less harmful with a lower risk of addiction.

This is not necessarily true, there are concerns that must be considered with both over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids:

Some of the side effects range from prolonged drowsiness, dry mouth, forgetfulness and confusion.  The tolerance to these drugs can increase over a period of time, leading to taking higher dosages leading to more side effects.

These drug, both over-the-counter and prescription can lead to drug dependence/addiction when used for a prolonged period of time.  You can become so dependent on these drugs that you cannot sleep without them.

Interaction with other medications could lead to a very dangerous situation when combining them with sleep aids.

All sleeping aids have side effects that vary, depending on the specific drug and dosage as well as how long these drugs remain in your system.  You can suffer from severe headaches, muscle pain, dizziness, rebound insomnia and daytime sleepiness to name a few. Reports are now realizing that sleeping pills alter brain function and impairs memory after long term use.

The Advantages of Herbal Sleeping Aids:

Many people have chosen to stay away from chemical aids due to the side effects and risk factors and therefore are leaning toward Natural Herbal Sleep Aids with good reason.  It’s important to understand that while the actual task of effectively getting you to sleep may be just as strong on both sides, they can not be more different in how make this function happen. This is why herbal sleep aids are the way to go.  Formulaic herbal blends are often used to release the blockages which cause the insomnia. Unlike with chemical sleep aids, there is no addiction and used over time, you will may no longer need to use herbal sleeping aids once the root problem is addressed and corrected. Whereas conventional sleep aids force your system to shut down causing damage to the body when used long term. Herbal sleep aids allow your body to go to sleep naturally and normally.  Herbal sleeping aids can give you the same results as prescriptions or OTCs without the harmful side effects while improving how bodily function so that it can get to rest soundly.  And in the end you may find that a permanent fix as opposed to a short quick fix may be a better choice for you and lead to better health when deciding of which to use.

As with any alternative medication, always check with your doctor before proceeding with their use.  


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