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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Healthy Prune and its Multiferious Health Benefits

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Lots of people wonder how we decided which herbs, berries, and natural products to include in our healthy herbal supplements. Our BioRestore natural detox formula, for example, has 11 different natural products. How did we choose them? Well, here's the story of one of these ingredients. When you're done reading it, you'll have a better appreciation for the care we took in selecting the natural constituents of our herbal formulas.

The humble prune, actually a dried plumb, is one of the healthier foods known to man. Everyone realizes that prunes are good for relieving constipation. Did you also know that prunes are one of the most powerful antioxidant fruits around? Tufts University ranks prunes as the number one antioxidant capacity fruit. The natural plant chemicals found in this fruit, play a special role in neutralizing dangerous superoxide anion radicals in the body. This action protects the safety of fats that make up the cell membranes in the brain and other organ systems.

Prunes contain high amounts of potassium. The potassium ingested in prunes helps protect the body against hypertension. In one study, subjects who ate a diet rich in potassium were found to have lower blood pressure and a lower incidence of stroke. The potassium in prunes helps strengthen the bones by blocking the excretion of calcium by the kidneys.

Prunes are an important source of dietary fiber. Just 1/4 cup of prunes provides 12% of the daily recommended amounts of fiber in our diet. Prune fiber delays the passage of food from the stomach, which delays the absorption of glucose. Prune fiber stimulates insulin production, which further reduces glucose levels in the blood. The fruit gives a sense of satiety when eaten, and this helps prevent overeating and weight gain.

Prunes control constipation by drawing water into the large intestine. The extra water makes the stool soft and easy to expel. Prune fiber adds bulk to the stool, which makes it stimulate bowel motility. The decrease in colon transit time reduces stress on the bowel wall, which in turn leads to decreased incidence of cancer and hemorrhoids.

Prune fiber stimulates the growth of health promoting bacteria in the large bowel. These large healthy bacterial colonies drive out poisonous species of bacteria. At the same time, they break down prune fiber into butyric and proprionic acid, Butyric acid is a healthy food for colon mucosa cells, and proprionic acid is reabsorbed into the blood stream where it helps lower production of cholesterol throughout the body. Prune fibers that are not broken down by bacteria bind to bile acids and help eliminate them. This, in turn, forces the liver to burn up excess cholesterol in the process of creating new bile acids.

After reading this article, you can appreciate why prune extract is included in our natural detox supplement. By stimulating regularity, it allows the body to rid itself of ingested toxins in a timely fashion. It promotes bowel health by nurturing colon membrane cells, and promoting a culture of healthy bacteria. It provides powerful antioxidants, which help the body neutralize toxic reactions, and it reduces the formation and causes the breakdown of excess cholesterol. Prune extract is one of the ingredients that makes our BioRestore a superior detox formula.


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