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Monday, January 23, 2012

Get Energized Naturally!

Every day we are faced with daily challenges whether it may from work, school, or home; and many of us need an extra boost of energy to get us through the day. While some people resort to coffee for that extra boost, others need something with a little more kick! Due to this need, there are tons of energy drinks on the market.

Advertisements for these drinks claim they will instantly give you energy right away. But, are you aware of the ingredients in these drinks that supposedly “give you energy?”

Most energy drinks contain three to five times more caffeine compared to a regular soda. Although caffeine will give you extra energy, you can become addicted to it and may cause severe headaches without it. This “boost of energy” caffeine will give you will only last for a short period of time.

Energy drinks are also loaded with sugar to give you an instant boost. But, guess what happens when this “sugar boost” wears off? You will experience a sugar low, causing you to become even more tired than you were before you drank the energy drink.

So forget the energy drinks!

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