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Friday, January 6, 2012

Nutritional aspects of citrus fruits

People that eat citrus fruits do so for two reasons, the good taste and the nutritional benefits. This article will look at the various citrus fruits and the vitamins and minerals found therein that are known to improve health.
1.     Lemons
These contain antioxidants, flavonoids and many other nutrients that prevent numerous terminal diseases like cancer. These compounds also have antibiotic properties that are used in the treatment and prevention of cholera, swellings, various inflammations and very many diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. Regular consumption of lemon juice will also improve cardiovascular health.

2    Lime
This is one of the citrus fruits that are used in the prevention of a plethora of digestive tract diseases like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome etc. If you are looking for effective ways to lower the risk of suffering hypertension, eating lime on the regular is one of them. This is because it contains fiber that lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and decreases sugar abortion rates. These citrus fruits also contain vitamin K that increases bone strength and therefore prevents breakages, vascular calcification and osteoporosis.

3.     Grapefruits
These citrus fruits are very rich in vitamin C meaning that regular consumption improves your immune system meaning that you will not be getting fevers, cardiovascular diseases etc. If you are suffering from inflammatory diseases like asthma or arthritis, it would be a good idea to include grapefruit in your diet. They are also shown to decrease the occurrence of a wide range of cancers because of the presence of lycopene. Eating these citrus fruits therefore means that you will be live longer.

4.     Oranges
These are the most common citrus fruits and are used in the treating and prevention of various diseases. This is because they contain flavones, hydroxycinnamic acids and many other nutrients that help in boosting immunity, reducing the risk of cancer and numerous inflammatory conditions. Eating oranges on a fairly frequent basis will cause a marked improvement of your general health.

There are many other citrus fruits you should eat like citron, tangerines, pummelo and the like. All of these contain nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to your body.


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