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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cutting Back!

In our previous blogs we have told you what foods to eat to maintain a healthy body and a well-balanced diet. We have told you what exercises to do to keep your body and bones strong, as well as tips and tricks to change unhealthy lifestyles. So, now that you know what to eat to maintain a healthy diet, we thought we would share some info with you on what to cut back on in your diet. Let’s take a look on how cutting back on these things below can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cut Back On Sugar- Fruits and Vegetables contain natural sugar and are important to include your daily diet. However; processed sugar in foods like jams, cereal, sweets, and juice contain no nutritional benefits and are considered “empty calories.” The next time you are at the grocery store just turn any juice bottle over and see for yourself how many grams of sugar are in one bottle of juice. You might want to re-think your beverage intake. Reducing the amount of sugar is extremely important for diabetics to maintain their blood sugar levels but it is also important for everybody, especially those who are overweight.

Cut Back On Salt- Did you know that most food already contains around ¾ of salt? Reducing your amount of salt will not only help you maintain balanced nutrition but it can also help to lower your blood pressure. So before you think about “salting” your food, read the label of the food you are about to eat and check the amount of sodium that already exist in your food. 

Cut back on these two items and see how your health can improve dramatically. You might even lose weight, or lower your blood pressure. Your skin will be healthier without all the processed sugar and your body will function better without all the salt. Remember, it is important to read labels at the grocery store because you might actually be surprised to learn how much sugar or sodium is in your food. 


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