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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Improve blood circulation through simple but effective exercises

The outside world is often a reflection of what is going on inside you. A traffic flow is a perfect example of what is going on with your blood stream. A smooth traffic flow will keep all motorist happy and on time. Everything is as it should be. But any traffic build up will cause uproar and worse, if an accident blocked the way, there will be no traffic flow, everybody involved will not be happy. If such thing occurs within us, a blocked vein will not only ruin our day, it may cost us our lives as well. So it is best to keep everything flow smoothly.
The best way you could have a healthy blood circulation is to exercise every day. People have heard of this often enough but until they get sick, they won’t really pay attention to it. It is best to exercise now to improve blood circulation and have a healthy body than wait until you get sick, by then it may be too late. So to keep your blood traffic going here are some simple, but effective exercises to do.

Stretch your Neck Ligaments and Muscles to keep Healthy blood flow around this area
  1. Flex your head forward and backward. Sit up straight (or do this standing) bow down from your neck up. Be sure to have your chin reached your upper chest. Stay in that position until you feel the comfort that come with it. Next, look up and bend your head backward. Be aware as you do this, you won’t feel pain or discomfort, just enough to feel your back muscle become more at ease.
  2. Head rotation. Rotate your head from left to right. Do a slow circular motion. You can do this standing or sitting.

Do breathing exercises to improve blood circulation
  1. The 1234 breath exercise or the abdominal breathing. This is a matter of breathing in and holding your breath while counting to four in your head and then exhale out slowly. Do this a couple of times until you feel relaxed. The key of this exercise’s effectiveness is to keep the air in the diaphragm, not inside the chest. As you let your breath out, make sure your diaphragm muscle is guiding the air out.
  2. Short Breathing or bellows breathing. Sit up straight. Keep your mouth slightly close while you inhale and exhale from your nose as fast as you can. While breathing this way, you must be able to feel your chest, abdomen and neck muscles reacting to the workout. Do this for 15 seconds for your first try. Once you get used to this type of breathing exercise, you can do this up to five minutes. WARNING for beginners: you might faint if done too long. So it is best to master this first before doing the exercise for a long period of time.

A walk around the park is the simplest thing you can do to be healthy. Brisk walking is good for your heart as well. This will only take a few minutes a day.
Keep your body healthy by doing some simple workouts. Doing a regular exercise will certainly improve your blood circulation. And if you are too busy to do it, the exercises above can be done even while working.


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