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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

America's Biggest Health Concern: Obesity

This concern has been a very important and controversial issue in the United States from the past two decades: Obesity. It has grown out of control within our population and it is merely impossible to ignore such important concern. Every day we hear on the news that Obesity is growing in alarming rates.  Common facts announced on the news by professional researchers are that two thirds of adults in United States are overweight or obese.  The American Obesity Association announced that 9 million adult Americans are morbidly obese and that this has been its fastest growth rate ever.

Obesity is a dangerous condition that leads to many common mortal diseases like diabetes, strokes, respiratory problems, and even infertility.  Most of us already know the causes of obesity which include bad diet, lack of exercise, stress, etc.  Unfortunately most of us don’t practice healthy living.  By that time we are overweight, have heart problems, breathing issues and have a hard time losing weight. At that point when we realize and decide to change for a healthierlifestyle, it’s already too late. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Healthy Food that is Also Delicious!

Healthy food.  Everyone has heard from doctors, scientists, our family, and personal trainers that healthy food is the best diet you need to have.  Of course not everyone’s favorite food is healthy food, in fact most people in don’t like healthy food due the fact that they don’t find it tasteful nor appealing compared to the greasy non-healthy food they consumed every day.  Growing up I found that to be very true.  Everyone I saw around in school was overweight or obese due to their parents not giving them nutritional healthy food.  Years later, I came across these children who I grew up with, and 70% of them were obese and with some kind of disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure.  I now can state as a fact that the cause of their disease was their lifestyle and their poor nutrition. 

I came to a conclusion that people do not eat healthy food simply because they do not find it tasteful or appealing as compared to greasy fast food.  Here are some ways to help people eat healthy and tasteful at the same time. 

Sweet tomatoes can be used in meals for chopped cooked chicken in a pan with canola oil.  If adding vegetables to the chicken, preserve their colors by cooking them quickly once the chicken is almost ready.  The chicken can be cooked in lemon juice or citrus juice to give it an extra taste. 

 If you feel like salads but think they are too plain and boring, add some tomatoes, fruits, and fat free salad dressings to you salad.

If thinking about a fish, a healthy solution for cooking a fish meal is by adding basil and black pepper when frying in it in the pan.  Garlic is always a good extra condiment. 

When cooking steak, add swirly boiled pasta, mushroom and mushroom gravy on top of the steak to make is tasteful and delicious and appealing to your guests.  Cooked slices of round pineapple slices also make a good side food on the steak meal.

For a delicious soup, always think herbs.  Any soup whether it’s tomato soup, chicken soup, beef soup, potatoes soup always needs that extra herbal taste.  When making soup make sure to add herbal spices such as mint leaves, cloves, white or red onions to add taste to the soup and be healthy at the same time. 

Healthy cooking always consists of well cooked meat.  Any kind of meat should always be fully cooked to avoid any mad cow disease usually associated with meat not fully cooked. 
All this tips should contribute to making your meals delicious and tasteful at the same time as keeping the meal healthy to your body.  Always remember, good nutrition contributes to a longer life with less chances of disease!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Look at Exercise

Exercise is a word taken by granted by many people who lack the healthy motivational mindset that is required to live a long healthy life.  Society in general does not fully know and understand the benefits of easy simply general exercising.  People have many excuses from A-Z that they come up with when it comes to exercising.  Excuses include “I’m too busy, I have no time, I don’t have a gym membership, I’m too tired after work, my kids don’t let me exercise, etc.”  These phrases are very common yet understandable in some cases.  People with these ideas about exercise don’t know the benefits and qualities that a basic exercises can have in the long haul. 

Exercise benefits you in great ways.  Let’s talk about the ways exercising helps your body internally.  Basic warm ups like bench stretching, jumping jacks, bouncing, push-ups help your body get even better results from working out.  Warming up gives your body a chance for a better balance once you start working out.  It reduce your muscles’ stiffness make you less prone to muscle cramps after your workout.  By warming up it is easier for you to breathe and inhale and exhale in your workout.  And a better workout means better results for your body.  Now the benefits of working out are great.  By talking a simple jog or run around your neighborhood block your body temperature will rise and therefore letting you know you have now started doing something better for your body

By exercising your performance will become better.  At your job, people see the difference as you begin to look happier, produce more, be more concentrated, and enjoy your job more.  You will feel more confident and express yourself positively towards others.  At school you will start to see and feel the difference.  You feel more confident as you study and you will get higher grades.  You will also sleep better at night and feel in better conditions than before you started exercising.

Exercising not only is felt in the inside, it is reflect externally on your body.  You will be slimmer, look better and feel glad since your body produces a hormone called adrenocorticotrophic, also known as the happy hormone.  Everything as stated has been clinically proven by scientists and doctors years ago.  If not done three times or twice a week, exercise will give you great results that you will rapidly feel.  You have nothing to loss, except those extra pounds.  So go on out and lets exercise!