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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eating Wisely and Weight Loss

It may be generally agreed that eating wisely and weightloss do not often agree. Just look back that the parade of “fad diets” that didn’t seem to work over the long term and, in retrospect, were not wise from the onset.

It goes without saying that a vegetarian diet is healthy. Only a decade ago, there were many reservations, among local physicians in New England, in regard to this concept. How rapidly knowledge, insight, and opinions change..

That is the biggest hurdle for most people. Many of us take on a radical dieting change that we cannot live with. Most of us can afford to make a few small changes at a time, instead of changing everything at once - unless you are dieting under the guidance of your doctor or dietician.

Therefore, I propose a few small changes to your eating habits that will make sense. You do not have to change them all at one time.
1.  Sit down and focus on eating your meal.
2.  Avoid television, reading, heated conversations, etc.
3.  Thoroughly chew your food at a slow pace and do not put more food in your mouth until you have    swallowed the previous bite.
4.  Be aware of how hungry you are before your meal.
5.  Try to avoid too much time between meals, as this leads to over consumption and your stomach should never be more than three quarters full, after a meal.

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