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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fight with Acne

Let's face it, you are engaged in an ongoing battle when you are afflicted with acne. For male acne sufferers, the daily ritual of shaving can be a problem. Female acne sufferers have their unique problems too, in finding the right cosmetic products to use. Females who are accustomed to using a foundation product may find that the foundation is difficult to apply smoothly if the facial skin becomes irritated due to the acne treatments being applied.

One of the first pieces of advice is to make sure that you understand and follow the directions for any acne remedy that you are using. If you are taking a prescription acne medicine, read the patient leaflet that accompanies the medication carefully. Typically for moderate to severe acne a dermatologist may prescribe several acne medicines, each with its own treatment protocol and directions.

Remember, just because the acne clears with the use of your acne medicines doesn’t necessarily mean that you have succeeded in curing acne. Most people with moderate to severe acne must continue to use their acne medicine long-term to prevent any recurrence of their acne problem. Using the acne treatments properly should translate to clear skin and freedom from acne scars.

When cleansing skin that is afflicted with acne, an important point to remember is not to scrub the skin; never scrub your face with a washcloth. It is a misconception that acne is caused by dirt clogging the pores of the skin. You don’t scrub away the offending dirt; you can’t scrub away the offensive acne and achieve acne free skin.  Over-washing or scrubbing skin afflicted with acne only serves to aggravate the condition.

Do Natural Treatments Really Work?

The point to cure the acne is to adjust your inner body system. Our bodies are victim to stress, pollution, toxins and unhealthy diets. With the environmental toxins in the food, water, air and in our homes, our bodies’ detoxification process needs help to detoxify the toxins we encounter every day. Keeping our intestines and colons clean is one of the most important daily routines for maintaining overall health. The all natural herbal ingredients in BioRestore play a vital role in cleansing our digestive system, promoting better bowel movement, detoxification, weight control, and healthier skin.


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